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Season Ticket Holders:

Barbara O'Brien - MA
Jim Lockard - CA
Larry Borovay - CA
Michael Cannon - MA
Madonna Santos - MA

Vicki Tambellini - VA
Donna Iwane (9) - HI
Agawam Rotary Club - MA
Judy Scheffel - CA
Tina Cameron - CA
Josephine Evans - MD
Marie Evans - MD
Ellen Flanzig - NY
Lorena Costanza - AZ

Linda Allwood - TN
Darnette Souza - HI
Darnette Souza - HI (Power Ball)
Kimberly Friddle - TX
Jeanette McDonald - TX
Kimberly Isaacs - TX
Donna Iwane (4) - HI (Power Ball)
Germaine Akahoshi - HI (Power Ball)
Kristin Pelletier - FL
Bobby Haut - NJ
Vickie Seley - TX
Donna Iwane - HI (2)
Lauren Cheskes - GA
Venicia Hames - NC
Rose Ruiz - NY

Peek Muth - RI
Olivia Barnett - NY
Rama Vezzu - TX
Edith Agres - HI
Dr. John Griffin - Guam
Abdulrahman Mohamed - Bahrain
Darrell Harmon - AZ
BJ Latsis - NC
Katrina Montgomery - NC
Donovan Jackson (3) - LA
Mike Kovach - CA
Librada Alvarez - NY


Donna Iwane (5 wins)
Anonymous (1 win)
Yulissa Ventura (1 win)
Jim Lockard (1 win)
15 Others



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Karma Lottery Fundraiser

Get Rewarded for Giving & Volunteering*

"What goes around, comes around"


These Are The Kind of Families We Love to Help:

Meet the Dennehy Family... 



 And Now A Fun Way To Help - The Karma Lottery:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU9AN5fFgBo - See more at: http://www.theorphanfoundation.org/makarma.htm#.UTJMcFeS8_4


“Help us make a difference in one child's life, and we change that child's world. Help us make a difference in many children's lives, and we change our world.” - Joe DiDonato, The Orphan Foundation

About This Fundraiser

Instead of charging you to attend a fancy black and white event, and then giving you a lavish dinner that cost us about 1/2 of the ticket - we have a different approach.  In exchange for your donation, we will 'gift' you a Massachusetts Lottery ticket instead of that lavish dinner.  And although it will still cost us 1/2 of your donation, you'll have a chance at something more than a full stomach for one night.  The larger the donation - the larger the lottery ticket gift we give to you.   You may win big.  You may win small.  And you may not win at all.  But for sure, this act of kindness will certainly impact your karma. 

And what is karma?  Simply put, "What goes around, comes around." It is the thoughts and actions that you take today, that you experience the consequences of later. So what are you waiting for?  Isn't it time to send some good karma your way?

How To Enter:

(1) You must be 18 years of age or older, and you can participate EVEN INTERNATIONALLY, as we're buying the tickets for you in Massachusetts;

(2) Send a donation amount of any size, and you'll also be asked to provide your name, address, city, state, and zip code.   If the donation is $50 or more, we'll be gifting back a Season Ticket. For that level we'll need your telephone number, as that's required by the Massachusetts Lottery.

(3) If you pick the higher donation amounts - $50 and higher - we'll purchase one or more season tickets for you in the Massachusetts lottery, AND we'll register it with the lottery for you. That means the Massachusetts Lottery will automatically notify you when you win!

(4) All Massachusetts Lottery rules apply, and this offer is void where prohibited by law. To find out more details on the Mega Millions game, as well as the scratch tickets please go to www.MassLottery.com.

(5) Season Ticket Level Donations:  Note that the Massachusetts lottery requires your telephone number when we register your ticket on your behalf.  You'll be asked for your telephone number when you check out.  If you forget - no worries.  We'll contact you for it through your email account.  

(6) Contact: If you have any problems with this fundraiser, please call our Karma Lottery office at +1 (413) 821-6993, and we'll take care of you.

NOTE: We are not a lottery ticket agent, and as such, we do not get 5% of the ticket price, nor 1% of the winnings.  We do have to pay 5% to the lottery commission for organizing this fundraiser, and any credit card processing fees.

We sure wouldn't object to your sending a small percentage of your winnings our way!  However, this is not a requirement to enter the contest.



The Orphan Foundation


Send us an Email and we'll tell you how to enter. 

Send an Email: KarmaLottery

Make a contribution & we'll send a karma gift your way - a Massachusetts Lottery Ticket!  We'll use 1/2 of your donation to buy the ticket.

Season tickets will be issued for donations of (exactly) $50, $100 and $200. These tickets enter you into multiple weekly drawings for 3, 6, or 12 months, respectively - and because we register you, the Massachusetts Lottery notifies you if you win. 

WARNING: We would not know if you've won. If you receive a call from someone identifying themselves as being part of our foundation, it's a scam.  The only way you can win is if we gifted a ticket to you as a result of a donation through this fundraiser. And the only call you would ever get is from the Massachusetts Lottery. So if you didn't get a ticket gifted from us, or if you didn't buy a ticket directly from the MassLottery, there's no way you could have won. Please don't be a victim! 

Lightning Strikes Level:

$42 Million Winner

$35 Million Winner

$17 Million Winner

The next one could be you!!  We'll buy your ticket where these  winners were drawn:

Ted's Stateline Mobil 


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